Lottery Sambad Result:

Lottery sambad is the most famous lottery in all India. Dear Lottery, Nagaland lottery & West Bengal is also buying the tickets of lottery sambad. Lottery ticket price is just 6 Rs. You can see all lottery sambad result in this page. Sambad lottery held draw in 3 time in day. Lottery Sambad 1st result comes at 2:00 PM, second result 6:00 PM and third result 8:00 PM announced on this website. You can also find & check old lottery sambad results and downlod them into pdf.

Earn Money With Lottery Sambad:

You can buy the tickets of lottery sambad and make good money. Samabad lottery, Nagaland lottery and west Bengal state lottery is very reliable lotteries. First lottery sambad prize is 1 crore rupees. You can start any business with this amount. samabad lottery, Nagaland lottery and west lottery of the Bengal state ticket price is only 6/-Rs. which even the poorest the poor can buy this ticket easily. On this way, you can earn money in sambad state lottery or Nagaland state lottery.

West Bengal Lottery Sambad Result:

West Bengal sambad lottery result is posted at 6pm. West sambad Lottery Result is also called Lottery west of Bengal 6pm and Dhankesari Result 8pm. You can also see the live draw lottery sambad result. The winner of lottery sambad 6pm get an amount of only 1 coror. You can check view and download in PDF from this website.

Sambad State Lottery Result:

Sambad state lottery result is posted each day at 8pm. sambad lottery 8pm result is also known as lottery sambad 8pm or lottery Nagaland night result. In Dhankesari, people also look for it with Dhankesari night result Keyword. The lottery sambad 6pm ticket price just Rs 6. You can also become crorpati by buying lottery sambad 6pm ticket. The first winner of the lottery sambad will receive an amount of one crore rupees. You can also win this lottery sambad, just you have to buy the ticket and try your luck.